13+ Live Baccarat Games

Baccarat is one of the big three live dealer games you can find almost anywhere on the net. The others being roulette and blackjack. Every provider of live baccarat games will offer a basic version of the game (spread over several different tables with varying limits), and they will also more than likely carry a few variants which have slight adjustments on the rules.

Although the table game has a reputation for being tricky to learn and challenging to play, baccarat is rather simple. There isn’t really too much difference between the variants out there, either, and most are played using the following rules:

How to Play

Two hands are dealt (known as the player and banker’s hands). Players can bet on either side winning. Each hand consists of two cards and each card counts for its own numerical value, with 10s and faces counting as zeroes. For any hand which is worth more than 9 points, the second digit in the figure will count as the value of the card. So, a 17-point hand will become a 7-point hand, for instance. Going bust in baccarat is impossible.

There may be an occasion when an additional card is required to be taken. However, the live dealer handles the formidable third-card rule for players, so they don’t have to go to the trouble of learning the rule.

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Winning the game

After the value of each hand is decided, the one which is closest to 9 points in total wins. Players can pocket wins worth 1:1 if they bet on the player hand to win and it does so. If they bet on the banker’s hand to win, players scoop 0.95:1 winnings, as there is often a 5% commission to be paid to the house on winning banker’s hands. Players can also bet on a tied hand, which pays out at 8:1 if it comes good.

Top Live Dealer Baccarat Games

Every live casino software provider worth their salt has produced a baccarat game for players to get to grips with. However, the games from NET Entertainment, Evolution Gaming and Extreme Live Gaming tend to be the most popular.

These developers have produced a handful of variants, too, each with their own take on the rules. Some may be able to ditch the 5% commission on banker’s hands, others offer players the chance to “squeeze” the cards for luck, and some are high-roller tables with high-stakes table limits. Speed baccarat is also popular, as it offers players in a rush the chance to wager and play rapid baccarat. This array of variants alone should be more than enough for most baccarat players to enjoy.

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