91+ Live Blackjack Games

Arguably the most famous card game in the world, most players will already be familiar with blackjack. Playing live blackjack isn’t really any different from playing RNG or land-based versions of the game, though. Players can sit down in the middle of the action courtesy of a live video stream, with a real-to-life human dealer controlling the game, while they slap down their bets and decisions via a digital menu.

Playing live blackjack is about as realistic a casino betting experience as an online casino member can have right now. Of course, to get started with live dealer games such as this, you need to know how to play blackjack. Here is how to get started:

How to Play

To begin with, the dealer hands two cards to each player. Each of these cards counts for its numerical value in points, with faces counting as 10s, and Aces as either 1s or 11s, depending on what a player requires.
After looking at their hand’s total, players can make one of several choices:

  • Hit: Take another card
  • Stand: Stick with what they have
  • Insurance: Take a side-bet that the dealer has a 21-point hand when an ace is showing
  • Double: Double the original stake, and receive just one more card
  • Split: If the cards in a player’s hand are the same, they can split that hand into two hands, adding a new card to each, but paying for a second bet equal to the original stake.

Once decisions have been made, the hands are compared. If a hand goes over 21 points in total, it is bust and instantly loses. The hand which gets closest to 21 points will win.

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Winning at this game

A common misconception with blackjack is that players are required to have 21 points to win. This is not true. All that is required for a player to win is that they have a better ranking hand than the dealer. Outscore the dealer, and they will win 1:1, that’s it. However, if players can land a 21-point hand (now known as a blackjack), they bag prizes worth 3:2.
Placing a successful insurance bet (betting that the dealer has 21) will pay out at 2:1, even if the player loses the main game itself.

Top Live Dealer Blackjack Games

Live dealer blackjack games add a touch more excitement and realism to the card game, and few developers can rival the array of games in NetEnt, Evolution Gaming or Extreme Live Gaming collections. These are the three leading developers of live casino blackjack variants.

Many of their games will be classic blackjack titles with slightly different table limits. However, some of those variants also allow for a subtle manipulation of the basic rules. Because of what they can offer and change regarding the rules, these editions will all alter the house edge in each game, though. Some permit doubling down after splitting, the re-splitting of aces, surrender (either late or early), the ability to see both a dealer’s cards (double exposure) and countless other oddities.

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