Online Casinos β†ͺMalaysia online casinos for Real Money in 2019

Malaysia online casinos for Real Money in 2019

Malaysia is a unique country when it comes to online gambling. There are anti-gambling laws in place, but they only apply to a select part of the population, at least in theory. What it all comes down to is whether you are an operator or a player, and what your religion happens to be. That might sound somewhat baffling to many people, so it is just as well that we’re taking a look at those complicated gambling laws right now.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Malaysia?

Officially, online gambling is both legal and illegal in Malaysia. The country does have a land-based casino, but only a handful of players in the country can go there. The casino is primarily set up for tourists, or those which do not share the Islamic faith. Sharia Law essentially means that any Muslim found gambling could be sentenced by up to six months in prison. Members of other religions do not face this punishment.

It is an entirely different scenario for online gambling, though, which is deemed illegal across the country, irrespective of your faith. Any operators inside the country which offer online gambling services are liable for fines and possible imprisonment. However, the state does not prosecute its nationals for playing at online casinos, and the authorities do not penalise those offshore operators who run online casinos for Malaysians.

Because of these confusing gambling laws, it is understandable that Malaysians may not know where they stand in regards to gambling. If you’re of the Islamic faith and you decide to gamble, it is best to do it at an online casino – and an offshore one at that.

Malaysian Online Casinos

As mentioned, online casino gaming is illegal in Malaysia, so there is no such thing as a Malaysian online casino in this sense. There are, however, many operators who cater to players in the country, but they are naturally located internationally, so they avoid the fines and prison sentences handed down by the state to Malaysian operators.

Offshore Casino Sites for Malaysian Players

Plenty of offshore casinos offer gambling services to Malaysians. Given the lack of any official, state-licensed sites, many people often refer to foreign sites which primarily aim their services at nationals in Malaysia as Malaysian online casinos.

Such online casinos will typically offer gameplay in Malay and use the ringgit (MYR) currency. For instance, a host of major offshore Asian casinos specialise in catering to players from Malaysia. These tend to be less secure than the major Curacao and European licensed sites, though. Malaysian casinos tend to prefer credit card transfers as payment methods, and these sites are known for their overly generous bonuses and promotions, particularly welcome packages. Malaysians can also frequently speak English, which is a recognised language in the country. As a result of this, any English-speaking Malaysians will also find a wealth of other offshore casinos (which aren’t primarily aimed at them) which they can play at.

Is Anything Likely to Change in the Future?

It doesn’t seem likely that there will be any changes in the way things work in Malaysia at any point in the immediate future. Although Malaysia is clear that religious law doesn’t override state law, Sharia Law is still pretty prominent when it comes to gambling.

Malaysia does try to limit its gambling enterprises to tourists and would prefer it if those of other religions didn’t gamble. Of course, being a multi-faith society and a modern country, it seems unlikely that the nation would try to limit the rights of its non-Muslims.
For the time being, things are staying very much as they are in the Southeast Asian country.

Top Malaysian Casino Sites

Any Malaysians thinking of playing online are not required to use a VPN (virtual private network), as Malaysian doesn’t actively ban offshore casinos. However, if you are worried about what others might think, or gambling is a sensitive issue in your home, then using a VPN will make things a touch easier. There are plenty of international casinos you can play at without one, though.

Some of these top sites include many which you can find on this page. It is worth trying your hand at places such as Paradise Casino, Cleopatra, Wild Wins, GemSlots, 21 Casino, Maxiplay Casino, Lucky VIP Casino, Rise Casino amongst many others.

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