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📈 Slots with the Highest RTP

For many years, players had little insider knowledge about slot RTP. Now, though, slot providers are required to display the RTP rates of their games, and this small piece of information has suddenly become an important, and on occasion, deciding factor in how players determine which slots they wish to play. What is RTP, though, and how can it affect the selection of games you choose to play?

What is Slot RTP?

RTP stands for Return to Player, and it is often expressed as a percentage. The term is used to explain the rate of pay that a slot machine will pay back players over a period of time. That time-frame is infinite.

Very briefly, it works like this: If you were to wager one hundred bets at £1 a spin, on a slot which has an RTP rate of 90%, you would expect to win around £90 over the course of those spins.

Of course, a slot’s RTP rate doesn’t just take you into consideration. It takes in every wager, by every player. Naturally, it is, therefore, fairer and more accurate to say that a slot will pay out £90 for every £100 wagered by all players over a period of time. Some players are going to find that they end up with a larger share of that pot than others, and that part is down to luck.

RTP Rates Explained

RTP is usually broken down into two categories – Low RTP and High RTP. As many people consider the industry standard RTP rate for online slots to be around the 95% mark. Any slot with an RTP lower than that figure is said to offer low RTP. Slots with RTP rates higher than 95% are naturally deemed to be high RTP slots.

It is most certainly in your interest to play slot with RTP rates of 96% or higher, as these give you the best chance of landing wins over time.

A Note on Slot Variance

Variance is another term you may have heard, and that is similar, but a little different from RTP. Variance determines how often a slot pays out and what kind of cash prizes it can deliver. In short, variance deals with risk.

A low variance slot is unlikely to pay out considerable sums. However, low variance slots tend to cough up winnings frequently. By contrast, playing a high variance slot will seldom pay out wins, but when it does, they can often be massive amounts of cash.

High variance slots are not ideal for players with a limited bankroll, as the gap between wins can see you quickly run out of funds. Low variance slots won’t see you likely to win life-changing sums of cash, but at least you do win, keeping your balance afloat.

Play High RTP Slots with Tunf

Any player should aim to play a slot machine with a high RTP rate. If you wish to check out the variance of games, doing a little is digging is required. However, to merely find top slots with high RTP rates, Tunf’s list is ideal for you. Below, you will see a list of many top and popular online slots with high RTP rates. All of these games come highly recommended, and some feature RTP rates as high as 97% up to 99%.



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